Sunscreen Safety


Until recently, the full dangers of unprotected sun exposure were not known. Now, we know how hazardous it can be spend too much time in the sun without the proper protection. One of the biggest dangers of too much sun exposure is skin cancer. The sun’s rays contain destructive UV light, which penetrate the top layers of skin, damaging cells in the under layers and creating the right environment for cancer to develop.


Overtime, as more and more cells are damaged, not only does the skin begin to look wrinkled and aged, it also begins to break down. Nothing on earth can break down collagen and elastin in the skin like UV light.


It was once believed that “getting some sun” was good for a person, and people would spend hours walking outdoors or at the beach, soaking up the rays. This led to a surge of skin cancer reports, especially among women who would suntan for cosmetic purposes.


In order to combat this growing trend, companies began developing sunscreen, which could be applied topically to the skin to protect it from the sun. While this was an important step forward, it introduced another danger into our environment. Many sun screens are formulated with harmful chemicals, which can often be as dangerous to our bodies as the sun’s rays. Just as it is important to protect our bodies from the sun, it is vital that we shield ourselves from these unsafe chemicals and ingredients.


The solution, however, is not to go without sun screen. Instead, the solution is to find an all-natural sunscreen that contains only all natural and organic ingredients, that has been tested and approved by organizations like The Environmental Working Group, ( PETA and, who are devoted to helping to bring only the safest, most effective products to the market.


Of the few sun screens that has been approved by The Environmental Working Group (, PETA, and, Jersey Kids All Natural and Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan Anti-aging sunscreens tops the lists. Jersey Kids sunscreen is organic, vegan, petrochemical-free, and even safe for babies under six months old. voted Jersey Kids as the #1 All Purpose sunscreen, while at the same time, Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan was topping PETA’s 2013 “Summer Must Haves” list.


Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan sunscreen is as effective as Jersey Kids, but with the added benefit for being an anti-aging sunscreen with added vitamin D. With only all natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients, our sunscreens are of the few  sun screens on the shelves that are marketed as all-natural and actually is all-natural. Even though Jersey Shore Cosmetics’ sunscreens are all natural, vegan and organic, you do not have to worry about how effective they are. Jersey Shore Cosmetics’ sun screens are rated Excellent for sunscreen stability. Both sunscreens are rated a high score of  1 for excellent UVA protection, sunscreen stability and low health concerns by


The best way to protect yourself from the sun and from environmental pollutants is protective clothing and eyewear, but for skin which is exposed to the sun, use Jersey Kids or Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan sun screen. There is no better way to combat both the damaging rays of the sun and the harmful chemicals most companies use in commercial sun screens.