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Reef-Safe Sunscreen & Sun Care

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreens are Top-Rated a score of 0-1 by The Environmental Working Group. (

Voted #1 Anti-aging Sunscreen by

Proud Partners with (HCHW) and Hawaii Ban Toxic Sunscreens Coalition.

Jersey Kids, sunscreen is voted #1 All Purpose Sunscreen by 

Re-introducing Jersey Shore Sun Serious Sun Care. Safe Sheerer Mineral Sunscreen for All Skin Tones.

Experience the benefits of soothing, anti-aging vitamins, botanicals, and plant extracts. Paraben-free. Non- Toxic. No petrochemicals. No hormone disruptors. 

A Sheerer Mineral Sunscreen and Safe Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion. Effective, Safe, and Stable. Cruelty- free. Vegan.

Excellent UVB/UVA Broad Spectrum Protection. Non- toxic. Non-Nano.

No Octocrylene. No Octisalate

No Homosalate. No Avobenzone.

No Phenoxyethanol. No Propylene Glycol.

Reef- Friendly. Cruelty-free. People, Marine, and Aquatic Life Safe.