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New Jersey Mother, Housewife and Cosmetics Veteran, Jacquelyn Foster Quattro created Jersey Shore Cosmetics and its brands to offer a safe  alternative to toxins in cosmetics and skincare. She was inspired by the beauty of the Pine Lands and beaches in southern, New Jersey, where she grew up.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a family owned and operated company founded with a mission to provide the highest quality personal care and beauty products that are safe and free of toxins.

Our products are developed with love by Jacquelyn and her select formulators. They are created with the utmost care to use the best, non-toxic ingredients. She works with her chemists and herbalists on the formulation of each product to find the healthiest ingredients that will deliver the best results. Jersey Shore Cosmetics brands are paraben-free, phthalate-free and toxin-free. We formulate using essential oils, natural fragrances, plants and botanicals and no artificial colors. We use recyclable packaging and we never test on animals. Our products are non-toxic, eco/reef friendly, baby safe and cruelty-free.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics brands offer truly safe and healthy products for you and your loved ones without compromising on effectiveness. Jersey Kids, Jersey Shore Cosmetics and Jersey Shore Sun, organic physical sunscreens are top rated and recommended with a score of 1 on the Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" recommended sunscreens list. (EWG.org) They contain no toxins, petrochemicals, parabens, or hormone disruptors. Our products are formulated using natural, organic, non-toxic and Non-GMO ingredients. 

Proud partners with, The Environmental Working Group (EWG.org) and HealthyChild.org (HCHW.org) PETA Certified, Cruelty-free.


We are passionate about providing effective, high quality natural products using only the highest quality, toxin-free ingredients.  Every product is formulated with ingredients from nature that are scientifically proven to deliver the best results.  We care about your health and our goal is to not only help you look good, but to help you make healthy choices, while also protecting the planet.


- Non-toxic


- Paraben-free

- Phthalate-free

- Eco-friendly 

- Sulfate free

- No artificial colors

- No animal testing

- Recyclable Packaging

- Although most of our natural products are vegan and vegetarian, some of our products may contain organic beeswax and therefore may not be considered vegan.

- Jersey Kids sunscreen is voted #1 All Purpose Sunscreen 2013 by Livestrong.com

- Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a proud sponsor of Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW.org) The Environmental Working Group and 1% for the Planet.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics, safe fun in the sun for the whole family

- Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a Cruelty- free, Eco- friendly company 

- Top rated 0- 1 by The Environmental Working Group (EWG.org)

Jersey Shore Cosmetics is Top Rated and Recommended by the Environmental Working Group.

Overall hazard: None. Cancer: None. Developmental and Reproductive toxicity: None. Overall Score: 0-1.
Our brands are formulated using safe, all natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Jersey Kids All Natural All Green Sunscreen is formulated using all natural, non-GMO, vegan and certified organic ingredients. Jersey Kids is petrochemical free and Cruelty-free. Jersey Kids protects with tested, broad spectrum protection. EWG score: 1. Voted #1 All Purpose Sunscreen by Livestrong.com.

Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan is formlated using all natural, certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. Petrochemical-free.
Protects with broad spectrum protection. EWG score: 1.
Jersey Kids Alcohol-free Organic Hand Cleanser is rated the highest score available by The Environmental Working Group.
Jersey Kids Alcohol-free hand cleanser rates  a score of 0 by EWG.org. AKA, Jersey Shore Cosmetics Alcohol-free hand cleanser.
Jersey Kids Organic hand cleanser is lab tested to kill 99.99% of germs including salmonella and ecoli, using all natural and organic ingredients without petrochemicals.
Jersey Shore Cosmetics is HCHW Trusted. Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthychild.org
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Please recycle.   Our cosmetics and skincare product line is made in the USA.



Our offices are located at:

Marlboro NJ 07746 - Ph: (908) 500-9954.

 Red Bank, NJ 07701-  Ph: (732) 924-4736.

By appointment only.

For questions about your order or product queries, contact: info@jerseyshorecosmetics.com.

Contact: For product reviews and social media inquiries, please contact Tori lee @ thebeautymix@gmail.com.